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Capri front

Some people say that ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

After my morning prayer, first thing which came to my mind or my stomach is What to eat? Then I ask for the breakfast options at home, visualize each option and of course then choose one. But my best buddy who lives in next street have his breakfast out daily. Sometimes he come by my house to have breakfast, other times he has lots of options for me, options like Nan Chanay (e.g. Goga Nan chanay) or Nan Paye (e.g. Haideri Bong Paye) or Biryani (e.g. Student Biryani and Biryani Express) and he spend half of the day in this planning. Afterwards it become my lunch time and his breakfast time so I decide to go with him.  

My friend’s office is in Gulberg and those who live in Gulberg or in surroundings of it, must be very well aware of Capri Restaurant. It is behind Liberty market and right next to Bundu Khan (Liberty branch). It is famous due to his breakfast offers like Halwa Poori; which is one of the traditional and delicious breakfast of Pakistan and especially of Lahore. But like many other traditional food, it is also available at unhygienic restaurants. However Capri has served it in better conditions. Not as better as Fazl-e-Haq is doing for Paya Curry, but still better than many others.

Mostly Halwa Poori is available on Sundays but you would find it daily at Capri Restaurant. Unfortunately my friend is not a fan of Halwa Poori so we mostly go for other options. Except their specialty of Halwa poori they also have biryani (which is not bad at all), Nan Chanay and some other continental dishes on their menu. Look at the mouth watering plate of Biryani which we had on recent visit to Capri.

Biryani Capri

These type of places are mostly crowded with men only and girls get less chances to taste the typical traditional food at the restaurants. But universities in Gulberg have changed the Capri’s culture and now their upper portion is usually full with universities boys and girls in morning.

Prices are nominal like one Poori is of Rs. 20/- with free curry and additional charges for Halwa depending on how much you take.

Don’t have more than two Poori at one time, believe me you can’t be able to eat more than two.

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  1. its really nice that u write not only the Luxurious resturants but also the small one (Chapar hotels) which are actully our tru cultures and in everyone’s range

  2. brother my sunday breakfast mostly done at capri n i eat 5 to 6 poori’s 😉 … 2 se tu darh bhi geeli nahi hoti 😛

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