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Boomer cola drink by Al-HilalBoomer is a soft drink by Al-Hilal who have launched juices like Fresher and Kooler. Fresher is a famous one whereas Kooler is a new drink which is seen less in market. After very little time of launching Kooler, Al-Hilal launched their soft drink with the name of Boomer. I was trying to try the taste but didn’t find it anywhere. After much time I got my hands on it and bought the 400 ml bottle at Rs. 25/-

Well I take the first sip of Boomer cola and taste it. Took another one, it resembles to Gourmet Cola or previous lot of cola drinks we’ve seen in market before. I believe they all get the same kind of Cola flavor which they use in their drinks. When I get to know first by my friend that ‘Pepsi Formula’ or ‘Coke Formula’ has kept in heavy security, even heavier security than President of USA. I always make joke of him on that but now I believe that those formulas are really very important to not to disclose for a company, and they can, even do that much security. Tell me how many Cola drinks you’ve tried and how much they match with Pepsi or Coke, or even close? Not a single one.

Earlier in Pakistan Gourmet Cola has given a best shot to take the share of Pepsi from market. Though it’s taste doesn’t match with them but have become successful by taking a much share of market. I believe this is because of their distribution and price strategy plush they have given the quality. If Boomer continue with this strategy then it might also get chance to get a place in market but I’m afraid to say Boomer is slow in both. They don’t have strong distribution and their prices are also higher. If they are selling a less tasty stuff in same price of Pepsi and Coca Cola then why any one will switch to them?

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  1. dear sir,

    todays before i drink boomer cola on that time i like this drink and enjoy i think gourmet cola its not your competator but your competator is cocacola and pepsi cola, i think your brand will be successfull in furute insha allah.

    but i need a job in your company please reply me must with thanks


    muhammad sohail

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  2. dear sir,

    i chack your product boomer cola . it is very very fantacetic soft drink
    sir i live in gojra which is gourmat in market .i want to your distibuter in gojra
    and i belive that it will be full of market in few days.

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  6. i chack your product boomer cola . it is very very fantacetic soft drink
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    and i belive that it will be full of market in few days.

    very very dear sir,
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  7. Regards,
    Dear sales and Marketing manager,

    i m interested in ur Boomer cola distribution in D.I.Khan,Tank,Wanna,Lakki Marwat,Bannu,Meeran shah,plz contect and company polices. also i m Regional Distribution Management Pak Lamps Ltd Lahore,Ideal Food Khi: and Walker chocolate khi:
    Mansoor khan

  8. sir
    i dirnk it and i like it
    and now
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  11. respected sir
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    hamayun jalil

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    i am a shop keeper in Karachi garden east (lasbella house) i bought a some boomer cola to your Representative, and my stock is finished and i need a boomer cola,kindly arrange me boomer cola, my cell # is 0343-3181263
    awaiting your favorable reply, soon

    Athar Ghori

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  16. MD AL-Halal limited,
    Boom Boom Boomer. I am imressed by this product. Its awesome. Its packing is stylish,taste is superb and verity in falavor is excellent.
    I am intrested in taking distribution project of boomer drinks and fresher juices, blue water, waver potatoes etc for my city Tehsil Bhalwal distt Sargodha.
    Its not introduced here yet which i think is bad luck of the people who are deprived of the tast of boomer.
    I shall be waiting for the best offer for AL-Hilal distribution from your side.
    Syed Danish Hussnain

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