Bon Cuisine’s Brownie

Bon CuisineMy family often go to Hyperstar for shopping and I’m the one who drive them there. They do shopping and I’ve only one thing of my interest at Hyperstar which is not actually a part of market but a bakery outlet at exit. A brownie from that outlet makes my day. There sponge is so soft and chocolate is so thick. This combination makes it one of the best brownie experience I had. I know it is not the best brownie in town but it satisfies my chocolate need.

BrowniesOther day I saw some other black color pastries mentioning fudge brownie, cup cakes etc. I tries all of those black pastries and cup cakes but they disappointed me because fudge brownie didn’t taste like fudge but that old chocolate brownie I had before. Same was the case with other black pastries, they used same chocolate flavor on all of them. So you can’t have variety over there but taste of that single chocolate is good enough to take me there again and again.

Secondly they serve Hot Dog over there; yeah Halal one. It is a sausage in a bun with a line of mustard and mayonnaise on it. It was a good experience too if there sausage is completely baked. Prices are very nominal; that black pasties / brownies ranges from Rs. 40 to Rs. 60 and Hot Dog is for Rs. 60/- only. If you are a brownie lover than give it a try and give your comments.

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