Bites, Karachi

Bites is a ‘small’ restaurant in Mohammad Ali Society, Karachi.

It is a bar-be-que place where Arabian, Turkish, Syrian, and Iranian food is served, not to forget all modified as per the Pakistani taste.

The management consists of young sweet energetic people striving to retain the customers but once you have eaten Bites, I am sure one cannot stop himself from going there again.

The prices are very reasonable; in Rs. 250 & Rs. 300 you can have a complete meal (I wish there was an option in Internet to taste & smell the food). The aura is so good that it feels like one is in Turkey having delicious food.

You can surely imagine about the taste and its uniqueness that I took my parents there on their wedding anniversary 😛 it is a sweet place.

Let me name a few dishes and you will have an idea, how the dish is must be (it’s tempting ;)) Joojeh Kebab, Koubideh Kebab, Shish Taook, Fish Tikka… and many more (I know my readers must be drooling by now). Do check out the menu card, they serve it this way. Bites doesn’t spend on plates, glasses, cutlery etc. and I agree it’s a total wastage when you have ideas like this.

Not to forget their chutni (sauce). It’s a perk on their food. There are 3 or 4 types of sauces – to enhance the taste more.

Guess what! When I went there, I was the only one in their restaurant waiting for my family to arrive. They took 20 minutes to arrive, and till then they served me their special potatoes with their special sauce (for FREE) :> lucky me.

The best thing is that they even do home delivery. Their restaurant has a seating arrangement for 5 families only that makes it 25 people in total, might be less but it was absolute for people like me who don’t like rush!

From Bites manager I got to know that they were struggling hard to get the neighboring shops to extend their place but let me tell you, the place they are in is the food area (not street) where you can find Kaybees, Zeenan Snacks, Ponderosa, KFC, PizzaHut and other small tikka, burger houses; which makes it a special place for food lovers.

I am sure I have succeeded in exciting & instigating you to go & eat their for once at least.

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