BISMILLAH Fried Chicken

Today I was on ALLAHO square chowk. I saw a shezore dala which had a banner of BFC. (Bismmillah fried chicken) .one person was settled on the roof with “DHOL”. It was an advertising vehicle also had a banner. NOW BFC at ALLAH-HO square which will be opened at coming Monday.

Actually bissmilah stated their business from dhai bhale in township main market. They are quite famous in this field from over decade. Four years ago they started expansion of their branches in different location. Two branches are located in Township and one in PIA society. So one year ago they also expanded their line in fast food category. They engaged small dine area which is next of their main dhai bahle shop. They are offering shawarma, zinger burger, fried chicken pieces, French fried, with the combination of deal. People belong to middle class go there and taste it.

Well now they also are opening their chain at ALLAH HO SQUARE. So they are offering junks food at very low prices.

Price of big shawarma. RS40

Price of zinger burger with bottle.RS 99

Price of two fried chicken pieces with French fries.RS 99

I have never tasted their junks food, I am posting it late. Now BFC is opened. So if you go there at least try their big shawarma because it is available at Just Rs.40

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  1. BFC or Bismilla Fried Chicken is good specially for those who don’t like or simply can’t afford the very expensive ZINGER(KFC). It’s deals are amazing and the Shawarma is OK too for it’s really low price, just 50rps.

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