Barbecue at Road side

Lahore is Pakistan’s kitchen which is full of eating places. Every one here loves to eat and every place has any famous eat out place. There are multiple taste of people here in Lahore. If one wishes to have continental then Lahore offers best eat out places for them. If one wishes to eat desi Pakistani food still Lahore offers tasty and yummy food experience.

Barbecue is one of the favorite dishes of Lahori people which is available in every area. People like to hunt for barbecue at night. Some barbecue spots in Lahore are so famous that people use to come there from far away to have a food. One of the barbecue spot which is full with customers is near to ‘Nadeem Restaurant’. That person has a long sitting area on a footpath at the side of a road. A long row of chairs and tables on footpath, which is full with customers, enjoying their barbecue stick. This is the place near to Hussain Chowk at the end of M.M.Alam Road. If one is moving towards Walton from Hussain chowk then take right turn from the first signal you got. And here you are, no need to find out the place, it is open available for every one. At the same road there’s ‘Nadeem Restaurant’ which has a good variety of continental and desi food if one don’t have a Lahori stomach to digest the food-served-in-traditional-Lahori-way.


Beside that barbecue spot, every area has there own special places. In Mughalpura I’ve seen many barbecue stands at night in chowk, in Model Town, Cantt, every area of Lahore have their own barbecue stands to enjoy food. The photo is from Wahdat Colony, where that person came to his stand at night and keep serving hot barbecue late after midnight. I’ve tried it’s barbecue which was good. People use to sit, chat and enjoy the food late at night in open area.


Price range at these stands are as follows:

Seekh Kabab from Rs. 10/- to Rs. 20/-

Tikka Boti from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 60/-

Leg Piece from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 90/-

Other chicken pieces are also in range of leg piece.

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