BaBa Jee Kulfi Walay


If you are passing through Ferozpur road (Lahore), and get a chance to see a huge crowd of cars on the road side … make sure that it is the “baba jee ki kulfi” (kulfi is a type of icecream). I was also listening about it for a long time, but last week I got a chance to visit that place. Although the shop didn’t seem that impressive, but the taste of kulfi had overcome it…

Well, I think if you visit Lahore, specially in summer it’s a must visit place…

4 thoughts on “BaBa Jee Kulfi Walay

  1. well,baba g ki kulfi is really a pride of not only pakistan but of get such economy,quality,taste,fun,flavor at its best only at the listed branches of baba g kulfi and the number of branches is 07 at the moment.

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