BISMILLAH Fried Chicken

Today I was on ALLAHO square chowk. I saw a shezore dala which had a banner of BFC. (Bismmillah fried chicken) .one person was settled on the roof with “DHOL”. It was an advertising vehicle also had a banner. NOW BFC at ALLAH-HO square which will be opened at coming Monday.

Actually bissmilah stated their business from dhai bhale in township main market. They are quite famous in this field from over decade. Four years ago they started expansion of their branches in different location. Two branches are located in Township and one in PIA society. So one year ago they also expanded their line in fast food category. They engaged small dine area which is next Continue reading “BISMILLAH Fried Chicken”

Chicken Sajji In Lahore

Sajji is the dish of Balochistan, which consist of full lamb with rice. But the cities like Lahore and Karachi people prefer chicken sajji instead of lamb, may be due to price factor. Sajji is mostly eat with rice in some places people also eat with “naan” and “roti” In Lahore people like spicy foods as compare to balcochi saji which made in only salt.

Some days ago I went to my friend sharukh home. I was not much hungry but sharukh offered sajji. So I accept it due to good offer. Well we three friends went Karim market Iqbal town. Many sajji shops are there but sharukh know which one is the best. Well we orderd one chicken sajji. Shop name is “ALKHAIR KHADDA SAJJI” I asked to concern person why middle name Continue reading “Chicken Sajji In Lahore”

Chappal Kabab

Some dishes are considered the traditional symbol. These types of dishes represents their cities like Biryani relates to Karachi, Chirgah is connected with Lahore, Sohan halwa is the dish of Multan , similarly when we think about “chappal Kabab” mind goes to Peshawar or Northern areas.

Kabab is the persian word which is began in Middle East and now found world wide presents in many shapes and names, but two types of kabab are renowned in Pakistan. Seekh kabab, Chappal  kabab.  Here I am covering Chappal kabab.

Chappal kabab is one of the famous dishes in kabab category or barbeques and also economically, I don’t know why it’s called Continue reading “Chappal Kabab”