After Rats, Cockroach In Gourmet Bakery Lahore

Goumet Bakers have a good business and I don’t wish to disappoint any Pakistani to flourish that much. I appreciate Pakistani people producing good quality product. But Gourmet Bakers quality is lowering down with a high speed. It take a lot of time to come to top and very less to go down. Earlier rates were seen in Gourmet bakers and now Cockroach. This time bakery timings are on and staff is not bothering to remove cockroach from sweets. Please Gourmet improve your quality or people will stop going to you. Look into your cleanliness matters and come out with some good solution. Now everyone has media in their hands, such videos will ruin your name.

5 thoughts on “After Rats, Cockroach In Gourmet Bakery Lahore

  1. Their sales have indeed come down alot coz of these videos. Although there are other bakeries too where such things are normal. I once visited Hafiz Sweets (Krishan Nagar branch), there I was about to order for sweets when suddenly I asked the guy to let me taste one gulab jaman, he gave it to me and I broke it in two pieces (luckily) and I found a dead bee inside that gulab jaman.
    So, its not only gourmet, its almost everywhere.

    1. Yes you are right, these things happen in other bakeries too. But if you have gain such a success then you should take a lot of care. Everyone has marked you as standard so one should maintain it. It has become your responsibility to not to break the trust

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