Afghani Pilao In Attock

Kamra is a place where you can find many entertaining place at half or an hour drive. There is a city Attock hardly on 15 minutes drive from Kamra. This is a small city which has a big bazaar for shopping. It also has restaurants and traditional food stuff. As I always look towards the specialty of that place so I went to have a Afghani Pilao which is a special dish in this region. My elder bro guide me to a traditional style eating place which was occupied by Afghani people and they make special kind of pilao.

afghani pilao

This Afghani Pilao is placed in tandoor style pot to keep it hot. It has carrots, raisins and small size beef pieces which makes it wonderful. This special kind of mixture of sweet raisins in salty beef create wonders and make this Afghani Pilao a total different experience. This is considered as a special dish of Afghanistan and famous with the name of Afghani Pilao. Some people also adds almonds and other dry fruits in this rice dish. They also serve barbecue which will add more taste in your meal.

Well that special pilao which I tried from Attock city was wonderful and when this Afghani Pilao end up with the special Afghani Kahva which is a famous tea-like-drink of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan. You suggest to sit for a long time with your friends to have this wonderful dinner which ended with delightful kahva.

afghani kahva

6 thoughts on “Afghani Pilao In Attock

  1. I’ve spent almost all of my summer vacations in my school days in attock and the Afghani pilao from my child hood in the 90’s was very very nice, back then we could get very good chapli kababs and other afghan food along with the oval long kamari roti……

  2. Exactly who is paying for this work.. what does it do for tomorrows chlnrdei?? This does nothing in any productive way, except make some money for those who will eventually sell the pieces.. If it is done with taxpayer money, whatever country, it is doing nothing.

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