Had it ever happened to you that you have visited a city and when you think about food a blank space floats in front of your eyes. Or that after coming back from a visit when your friends n family ask “had you tasted the famous food of place you had just visited”, and again …… a blank face. If so, then this site will help you to avoid this situation and if not, even then this site will help you equally. So keep visiting and …. ENJOY !!!

OK OK this site has other aspect also which I forgot (this seems to happen when you write for free …… as my brother is benefiting from my writing skills) it also has a description about famous places which must be visited if you are nearby them.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Could I have a direct contact for the person responsible for this blog. I need to discuss integration of this blog with tossdown.com.

    1. Leigh – I admire your detmreination! Some day I’d like to live in the city and use all of it’s resources.Do you work outside of your home? So you rely on the bus to get you to and from work every day? Just curious.

  2. Hello Brother

    do have visit to faisalabad and write about their food also 🙂 🙂 i just found ur web and check it completly 🙂 its an awesome blog and really its the best travel blog i dont find a complete food n travel blog of pakistan that this :)…. plz do concern about faisalabad also 🙂


  3. asalaikum
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  4. Salaams from Norway.
    Now this is a great blog. For us Pakistanis living abroad, this is a jem. A great way to find out about the best places to eat when you are visiting home. Keep it up…

  5. A very unique and different idea, like the work you are doing ….. keep it up and congratulations on winning the Travel Blog Category in 1st annual Pakistan Blog Award … Well done

  6. sir i want 2 request that its mini size(1/2 ltr) iz unavailable in distt. khanewal plz make it available otherwise it will lose ur brabd image ………….. m working with PEPSI COLA as a marketing officer here………………thnx…………my cell iz………..03237533840

  7. Hello Site owner/admin,

    I recommend you to visit Ringo Cafe in Cavalry Ground, Lahore (adjacent to KFC). They are very good at making pizzas and pastas. Try their Ringo Special Piizza.

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    Thank you!!

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  14. Youre not going to believe this but I have wasted all night hunting for some articles about this. I wish I knew of this site earlier, it was a fantastic read and really helped me out. Have a good one

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