A Day Out in Lahore Zoo

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My 5 year old daughter enjoying in monkey mask

Although I am not such a big fan of going to Zoo, except when by daughter’s adamancy or ordered by my wife. Recently I got a chance to visit Lahore Zoo because of former reason and liked the place. Though I had spend whole afternoon there, explaining and answering my five year old daughter whole time.

Beside looking at animals the atmosphere over there was giving a look of festival. People were enjoying picnic, having lunch / snacks besides animals, children running around and feeding animals… more then their parents want to feed them.

Although, the zoo is under construction, but still its good to have a day out with love ones ( I meant family not animals) 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Day Out in Lahore Zoo

  1. Few days before a monkey was escaped from the zoo because its caretaker forgot to lock the door…. then that monkey find his way to the mall road and give a big smile on the face of people by jumping from tree to tree on mall road.
    Luckily that monkey was caught afterwords 😀

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