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travel Swat PakistanSwat city is one of the most attractive tourist hill station in Pakistan. It is considered as a piece of heaven with beautiful landscapes over there. People from all around the world travel to Swat to enjoy in nature’s beauty. Pakistani people love to go there too and in summer it become a rushy area. Many institutes take their travel tour to Swat. But from last couple of years this place had become a fighting point where Pakistani military fights against locals for searching Taliban. Due to this fighting and war kind of condition, Swat lost his all tourist and visitors both from Pakistan and outside Pakistan. Pakistan lost his one of the most beautiful tourist spot.

Now it seems that war has come to an end or Pakistani Govt. has take it further in other areas, so they have open the Swat city again. After so much time and people must have fear that they might be hung up in fight so it seems difficult that people would start going there instantly. It is difficult that Swat will get the crowd of people again like they had earlier.

For this purpose Govt. has given some attractions to call tourist to this wonderful city. They have organized a ‘Aman Mela‘ (Peace Festival) in which they have given lot of activities and attractions. ‘Aman Mela’ has already started from 29th June and it will remain till 18th July, 2010. This festival is arranged in two places ‘Mingora’ and ‘Kalam’ with different activities and dates. Find the activities below

Festival In Mingora (29th June, 2010 – 18th July, 2010)

  • Industrial Exhibition
  • Cultural Exhibition
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Photo Exhibition
  • Basant (a festival of flying kites)
  • Circus

Festival In Kalam (11th July, 2010 – 18th July, 2010)

  • Musical Night
  • Industrial Exhibition
  • Cultural Exhibition
  • Basant
  • Aman Rally (Peace March)
  • Poetry Program
  • Puppet Show
  • Sufiana Raks (Sufi Style Dance)
  • Car Rally
  • Cricket Tournament
  • Volley Ball Tournament
  • Hang/Para Gliding

Discounts On Traveling Swat For These Festivals

Govt. through PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) has given heavy discounts to attract more people. They have given following discounts

  • 50% discount on every hotel included Serena and PTDC hotels
  • 20% discount on local handicrafts
  • 10% discount in driver’s fare who travel to Swat
  • 50% discount to stay in Kalam in between festival dates (11th July, 2010 to 18th July, 2010)
  • 50% discount on fares of PTDC transport

This is a lot to attract Swat’s tourist again to this beautiful places. Among all the activities in festival I would love to haveĀ  Hang Gliding and Paragliding most. I’m thinking to get some time out to enjoy the festival, what about you, ain’t these offers enough. Why people won’t travel to Swat would be that fear of fighting which kept them away from this beautiful place. Festival has already begin but there isn’t much crowd over there. I wish Govt. become successful in attracting tourists and that place become an entertainment again.

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  1. i visited swat kalam three times. beautiful scenes of swat valley still immersed in my eyes. we did lot of enjoy there…. i wish swat will again active for tourism. i also appreciate to govt for this offer which really good.

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