Lahori Savour Palao

Pilao plate of Fake Savour Pilao in LahoreWe friends always wish Savour Foods of Islamabad to come in Lahore. One day while going home from a meeting at Model town M-block. We take the Faisal town main boulevard Road and surprised to see the banner of Savour Pilao there. We stop our car at once, examine it from outer structure of restaurant and declare that it has nothing to do with the original Savour Pilao and kabab of Islamabad.

We ask the waiter about its link with the Islamabad’s Savor and he said that owner is same but restaurant system is different. We were hungry at the moment so we pop in to taste their Pilao. We were the only customers in the restaurant at that time. We order Pilao which was not bad. Table cloths over there were not clean. I also saw couple of sheesha in that family structured restaurant. Maybe he’s confuse to decide what to do; cafe or restaurant.

At the end I saw owner of this restaurant which came after us and sit at other table with his friend. He explain us the bill ingredients and collected the money. I also ask the same question to the owner that Is there any link of your restaurant with Islamabad’s Savour Food? He tries to skip the question and start asking did you like the food? I replied that it is totally different from the real Savour Food however its taste is also good.

If one has that much investment and setup that he can start his own restaurant at Faisal Town main boulevard then why not he start his own brand. Why is he copying other brand’s name? Why don’t he make his own recognition? If he dare to make his own brand I believe he’ll be more satisfied and successful.

8 thoughts on “Lahori Savour Palao

  1. I recently visited Lahore but couldn’t find any such pulao :( being a rice fan i so wanted to try something desi.
    Coming to brand, well Nabeel there are people who has money but no sense, they think following others success will make them successful by investing, which is not the case.
    I will highly agree with your statement that he should start up his own brand. :)

    • Well this one is not enough worthy to find. Yesterday I’ve been to Student Biryani which I believe is a best rice offer one can get in Lahore, yeah other than daal chawal (which is my favorite). Didn’t find any good Palao deal in Lahore yet

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