Energy Drinks; Red Bull v/s Booster

Recently companies realized people’s behavior when they introduced energy drinks and saw a remarkable response from market. Energy can’t replace traditional Cola drink but it is creating it’s market rapidly and have makes it’s space. In these energy drinksĀ Red Bull is on top of the list. If someone says energy drink then Red Bull pop in one’s mind, however there are some other energy drinks available in market. I’ve tried others as well but among all of them I liked Booster most. It has some reasons.

Bottle: First thing which appeals me to try this drink is it’s bottle which is different from other energy drinks who try to copy Red Bull and make slim can. Booster’s can is short and fat which seems unique in between all other tall cans in a fridge.

Taste: After purchasing Booster the most important thing for a food item; it’s taste, and that was awesome. Awesome enough that energy drinks are aside, I also prefer it on traditional carbonated drink like Cola. I started to drink it daily, sometimes two at a same time, and many in a single day. All energy drinks take their taste to bitter side for making it strong but Booster makes it drink strong with a very balanced bitter / unique taste.

Color Of Drink: Red Bull is in red color which seems more catchy if pour in glass instead of Booster’s yellowish color like Mountain Dew have.

Availability In Stores: Red Bull is likely to more available in stores as compare to Booster but I’ve seen Booster’s excellent distribution this summer as in many stores I see only Booster not Red Bull.

Price: Maybe stores who have only Booster is due to its price as it is in half of the price of Red Bull. Red Bull is of Rs. 110/- but it started as Rs. 90/- whereas Booster is of Rs. 50/- and if you buy it from Hyperstar super store than it is available there for Rs. 45/-

My favorite is Booster and now it is also available in stores nearby. Now I let you to write about your favorite energy drink and reasons of liking it…

18 thoughts on “Energy Drinks; Red Bull v/s Booster

  1. I have tried Red bull in UK a lot, but now in Pakistan I seen this Booster and thought to give it a try as well. Bought a whole pack of Six in only Rupees 230 means only 38.00 each bottle. Taste is awesome and it is if not exactly as effective as Red bull but kicks in…and I reckon that the price might go up as soon as it become famous among youngsters.

  2. booster has a classy taste….luv it..hav tried rb,powerful(yuK),etc etc.only energy drink which comez after booster in taste is sting

  3. guys ! After medical research all energy drinks are as harmful as they are good enough in boosting energy !as it contains cancer causing agents

  4. i have tried both but booster is best and cheaper than red bull….
    now booster is more available in markets…

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