An event that surpassed all events – “First Annual Pakistan Blog Awards 2010”

The UnConference conference, an awards ceremony with red carpets, glittering lights, cameras, spot lights, Ajrak as a symbol to promote the culture and tradition, promotion of the brand ”Pakistan”.

This is just the glimpse of the show. It is a bit bigger post, not a usual one, it’s about our achievement, and I would like to write about it. Hope you enjoy reading.

The show started at 5pm with registration being done for the guests and nominees at two separate desks, where neck tags were given, along with wrist bands to the nominees. The entrance had a big red carpet welcoming all the Bloggers, their guests and the honorable judges. The aroma and the ambiance of this side of Regent Plaza, Karachi was full of charisma, colors and enthusiasm that by the time I entered the Kohinoor Hall, I was completely enchanted.

CIO Pakistan’s team was in red striped black kurta’s with ajrak as their esteemed pride. Kohinoor Hall was all set with tables covered with Ajrak, spot lights, giant sponsors’ boards and 3 huge LCD screens showing bloggers interviews & clips.

Did I mention I was interviewed by Dawn’s charismatic anchor Mehreen Agha

At 6pm the event started and Rabia Garib (Editor-in-Chief of CIO Pakistan) inaugurated the show; and the show opened with a fantastically sung song Yaar Dadhi Ishq… live performance of the song was actually a show booster.

Just after the song; the discussion session started and a panel of 5 people with 2 Bloggers were called up on the stage. The main theme of the discussion was “innovation in media”, the entrepreneurs sitting in the panel had a lot to discuss and share their views with the audience. The interesting part was the discussion of the panel with the audience, so as to have their part of the word too. And the interesting part was that I commented too on CEO Jang’s statement. Well, the discussion closed with the meaningful conclusion that conventional and traditional media goes hand in hand, every medium has its own importance and should be used significantly.

Just after the discussion got over at 7:30; awards were given to the panelists for attending the show and giving their time to the show. Followed by the big event for the bloggers started, amongst 41 total awards, 10 were distributed to the categories of gossips, podcast, business, photo bloggers, photo blog, fashion, humor, music, celebrity, and culture blog.
After the first session of awards, we headed towards the tea break at 7:45pm.

At 8pm the show resumed, charming Rabia Garib was up on the stage again with her entertaining humor. At 8pm, discussion session started with a Panel of four intelligent business executives along with 2 from the audience. The topic was “selling through entertainment, content generation and convergence” i.e. companies should not be risk averse, they should be risk-takers, consistent if fails, and keep on experimenting throughout, and that innovation attracts consumers. Once again I commented and got a powerful influential reply from Google Pakistan’s CEO. ‘Digital is not only a medium, it’s a life style’, at this impressive note, the discussion ended and awards were distributed to the panelists.
At 9:10, the heart-pondering moment started, the awards were distributed to the blog categories; gaming, tips & tricks, best automobile, education, domestic technology, online community, best technology international and news media.
At 9:20, we had a Red-Bull break, to energize all of us till the end of the show.
And at 9:30, the final bit of the show started; panel discussion with 5 truly genius people. The topic was “engagement of public & media”, through brand stories. And the best part was that I didn’t make a comment because my questions were all being answered by the panelists themselves in the discussion. Overall, it was a knowledgeable and thought-provoking discussion.

Finally the awards were distributed, and categories were urdu blogs, Ezine, political, personal, live photo blogger, individual blogger, diarist, current affairs, activist, live blogger, food, best tech hardware, sports, business and the greatest of all travel blog. The name got announced and full of excitement, me Sakina Nazir went up on the stage to receive the award for BEST TRAVEL BLOG “EATNTRAVEL.PK”. Oh! Good Lord, we won the award. I was over excited, over-joyed, thrilled, and … that after I came on my seat, I looked at the award, the beautiful round curved trophy with a wooden base. At both sides of the wooden base is the metal plate, beautifully carved with sponsors names at one side and the other side is

Nabeel Zafar
Best Travel Blog
May 28,2010
Karachi, Pakistan

Afterwards when I came out of the allurement of the fascinating award, I realized that awards distribution ceremony has been finished and beautiful Rabia is moving towards the end. At 10:22, there was a one-minute silence kept for the loss of our loved-one’s due to the tragic events happening in Pakistan since a couple of years, especially Lahore attacks on the same day, 28th May 2010.

There was a surprise too, Head of communications, Nokia, gave three nokia phones as reward to the people who answered three questions; two were related to nokia’s software ovi and the last one was a bit tricky “how many nokia phones are manufactured across the globe in 1 minute?”; obviously it was young men’s game. The answer was “nine”. Altogether, this surprise augmented the show and created a vibe amongst all.

At the end, it was food lovers’ time, it was the dinner time. Although, it seemed normal but it was long-awaited and delicious cuisine was served.

I had my Chinese dinner listening to the live performance again, and this time it was a slow smooth song, going with the pace of the atmosphere, “ghuncha koi mere naam ker dia”. A well sung song again. It delighted and flavored the dinner more.

Not to forget the souvenirs which everybody attending the show received; a keychain by CIO & Google, Dell’s t-shirt, cd by Synergy, a note pad by CIO, Traveler’s mug by CIO and not to forget a beautiful Ajrak.

Thanks to CIO, Google Pakistan, Dell, Nokia, IDG, Dawn and others. Hope to get an award again in Second Annual Pakistan Blog Awards. InshaAllah!


  1. Many many Congratz Sakina on getting the award … You have done it … Quite a deserving one … And what a nice coverage of the event you did in the post. As Nabeel said, your post covered the whole event and the feelings very well .. sepcially yours .. Congratz Once again.

    Keep it up

  2. Congratulations on winning an Award Sakina.Covered the event nicely,though i feel your pic in an ajrak would have “4 chand lgadeta” to your article.:)

    Wish u all the best

  3. Dear Sakina,

    many times i find my self speechles and looking around for words that could narrate how i feel, and usually i end up concluding WORDS DONT COME EASY,
    EXPRESSNG how you feel is an art and when it comes to express through writing; it becomes further difficult, but you presented the entire proceedings of award ceremony with utmost simplicity and now I feel that I did not missed much by not attending. and this proves once again your ability, that how good you are with using words.

    kindly accept my heartiest wishes for well deserved efforts. and keep up the good work.


  4. congratulatnz jani 4 a wonderful achivmnt n diz really callz 4 da party. n whr iz da party yaar. thumpz up! n keep it up!

  5. Very Few people knows in their lives that what they want, u know your way and goal very well, and your efforts to achieve them have truthful meanings. This was the first time you have got it and I wish you get all what ever you dream for.
    I do not have much to say just beside that your post was just perfect, simple and attractive way of writing , filled with colourfull emotions, and keeps the reader close to what your eyes have seen and what we missed.
    May you always keep going in your way much rapidly than present…..

    Jawad Nazir

  6. Well done. Congrats
    پرندوں کی پرواز ہوتی ہے اونچی
    پھیلے ہوۓ ان کےپر بولتے ہیں
    جولوگ رہتے ہیں خاموش اکثر
    ‍زمانے میں ان کے ہنر بولتے ہیں

  7. Thanks everyone, it’s been a great achievement. I feel so excited with this award thing that I’ve make many future plans for this blog. Pray that we would keep this position and bring more stuff for you all.

    I’m very happy with this award and even happier after seeing the congratulation messages from all of you. Thank you very much…

  8. Well done Sakina!
    Many congratulations for being the winner of the award! by the way, commentary of the ceremony is excellent and above all you are looking very cute!

  9. zabardast sisssss!!!!!!! you are a great writer!!!!!!! may success lie under your feet always…….

    1. Update: My Interview came on Dawn News, in which I was emphatically describing our blog 😉

      I am trying to get hold of that video. The best part is that they did not edit the video :> its the complete one.. I am excited, will upload here too once I get it.

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