One of the best international ice-cream, actually American brand but franchises are available all over the world. I had this ice cream first time when I was in Paris and a friend of mine introduces me to this brand in a way “have you ever tasted Haagen-Daaz’’? I said no, and then straight away he took me to the market, buy me a 500ml cup of Haagen-Daaz. This was the first time when I had this ice cream and after that I was a fan of it. I recently had it in Manchester and thought I should have shared it with people. So in my opinion, THE BEST, and the good news is this, it is also available in Pakistan. There is no proper parlor of it but it’s very easy to find it on Esajee. Price is bit expensive comparatively but if you are ice cream lover then it’s worth having it once. So try it and enjoy it.IMG_1110 IMG_1113 IMG_1111


Whattay a food! Ok let me get back to my normal state. Actually Mahi Foods fish & chips make me nostalgic everytime I eat it. They take me back to London *sobs*. They have some delicious, mouth-watering sea food.
Let me share my experience how I got to know about it.
I got bored of eating same food on daily basis in my office, wanted some variety. So I started surfing on web if I can get something delivered. And after a few searches I saw “Mahi Seafood” fan page on Facebook.
After scanning the menu card, I took a breath of relief – as the dishes & prices both fascinated me.

I called them up and as per my budget, very promptly I asked for Fish Finger :p for my delight, the person (order-taker) asked me if I was ordering for the first time. I said YES! And then I was advised to go for Fish & Chips since he wanted to make an impression on me I was like fine if you want to rob me with my money  but then it was not a FREE delivery as I wanted them to deliver to a corner of the city. And they charged me a nominal fee of Rs. 50/- for which I did not resist at all.
Within 30mins, a very well presentable person showed up to deliver my lunch. When he was entering my office I thought some “guest” is showing up but…
Well the food was “hot” which I thought would not have been due to the distance. The food was delicious, tempting, and very filling. Guess what it was not only Fish & Chips but they give a dip (tartar, sweet chilli, tamarine mixture) & ketchup in 2 different boxes, along with a bun (roll).
I ate it like a Queen ;)

Next time, which was “obviously” within a fortnight, I ordered again and was given complimentary shrimps to taste. Now I am their regular customer, they remember me! :D and provide me complimentary food items to taste (which is very exciting ;))
Do try it; you’ll be mesmerized with the taste & thought that you are eating London’s Fish & Chips.

Moreover they have dine-in, take away, home delivery options along with frozen boxes for the fishes & prawns which are available in grocery stores as well.

Ramadan Calender for 2011

Ramadan Calender for Lahore, year 2011

Date Ramadan SEHR (AM) IFTAR (PM)
2-Aug-2011 1 3:47 6:59
3-Aug-2011 2 3:47 6:58
4-Aug-2011 3 3:48 6:56
5-Aug-2011 4 3:49 6:56
6-Aug-2011 5 3:50 6:55
7-Aug-2011 6 3:51 6:54
8-Aug-2011 7 3:52 6:53
9-Aug-2011 8 3:53 6:52
10-Aug-2011 9 3:54 6:51
11-Aug-2011 10 3:55 6:50
12-Aug-2011 11 3:56 6:49
13-Aug-2011 12 3:57 6:48
14-Aug-2011 13 3:58 6:47
15-Aug-2011 14 3:58 6:47
16-Aug-2011 15 3:59 6:46
17-Aug-2011 16 4:00 6:45
18-Aug-2011 17 4:01 6:44
19-Aug-2011 18 4:02 6:43
20-Aug-2011 19 4:03 6:42
21-Aug-2011 20 4:04 6:40
22-Aug-2011 21 4:05 6:39
23-Aug-2011 22 4:06 6:38
24-Aug-2011 23 4:07 6:37
25-Aug-2011 24 4:08 6:36
26-Aug-2011 25 4:09 6:35
27-Aug-2011 26 4:10 6:34
28-Aug-2011 27 4:10 6:32
29-Aug-2011 28 4:11 6:31
30-Aug-2011 29 4:12 6:30
31-Aug-2011 30 4:12 6:29


The difference of Lahore with other cities:

Kasoor 1 Minute Later
SheikhuPura 1 Minute Later
Gujranwala 3 Minutes Later
Sialkoot 3 Minutes Later
Chakwaal 6 Minutes Later
Karachi 29 Minutes Later
Peshawar 13 Minutes Later
Muree 4 Minutes Later
Sahiwaal 3 Minutes Later
Gujraat 3 Minutes Later
Rawalpindi 6 Minutes Later
Jehlum 4 Minutes Later
Multan 10 Minutes Later
Faislabaad 11 Minutes Later
Sargodha 6 Minutes Later
Mirpur 6 Minutes Later

Thunderstorm In Lahore

This morning my alarm wasn’t with me but I wake up at morning prayer time with the noise of heavy rain. Heavy rain drops on my window cooler get me out of the bed. I said my Fajar prayer and then go out to look at the weather. Rain was stopped but it was all brownish yellow with flashes and high speed wind. Whole sky was covered with dark clouds which were making noises really heavily.

Well I came inside and start using internet, after some time I again hear the rain noise and go outside to see the rain. This is the first time I’ve seen such furious rain in my life time. Rain with high speed wind. My house’s garage is covered with terrace but due to that strong wind, rain wet whole garage and entrance door as well. May this rain not bring any accidents or bad news

Metro Anniversary

Metro is an international wholesaler market chain. In Lahore they have two stores; one near to Lahore international airport and second at Thokar Niaz Baig. They are celebrating their anniversary with lots of promotions and discounts, so it is a great time to shop and get discounted quality products. Time to time many stores like Metro has started here in Pakistan and now it is becoming a culture of big stores. It is ease for customers and people love to go to shop in such big places. Continue reading

Season Of Ice Lollies

Walls Ice LollySummer in Pakistan attract all ice cream companies to create different ice lollies. Here people love to have ice stuff in summer. All ice cream companies knows about this and launch different flavor of ice lollies in summer.

Here we have two big competitors which are Walls and Omore. Walls is an international brand which has came up with this ice lolly shown in photo and all time favorite ‘Jet Sport’ which is an orange ice lolly. This ‘Jet Sport’ is my friend’s favorite ice lolly and he only order this whenever he gets a chance. He always try to buy more than one at a time in sunny summer days. Continue reading

Lasani Biryani At Mini Market Gulberg Lahore

Lasani Biryani at Mini Market Gulberg LahoreM.M.Alam Road in Lahore is considered as modern food street where one can find different restaurants in a row with many fast food burger chains as well. If one move towards Hussain chowk from M.M.Alam road then one will also find different Cafe’ after Hussain chowk.

On the other hand if one moves toward the other end of M.M.Alam road which is known as Gulberg mini market then one will find different traditional random food stuff over there. Out of these random eat out places Continue reading

Gulabi Bagh Gateway And Tomb Dai Anga

Gulabi Gate Lahore

Above photos is a gateway to Gulabi Bagh (Rose Garden) and as we pass this gate, there is a tomb of Dai Anga (see description below). This is a historical building and constructed in truly Mughal style architecture. Recently our Govt. has taken some action and put some lights on it which glow up this beautiful artistic piece of building.

This Gateway and Tomb Dai Anga is on G.T. Road near to U.E.T. (University of Engineering & Technology) Lahore. It is easily visible from road but gate is always closed and people use to jump over the fence to go in there. But these visitors don’t come to see the beauty art piece or enjoy the garden but to sit privately, have a chit chat, can smoke and use drugs. Some part of this garden is occupied by illegal houses which lessen down the beauty of park. Below is the description written about Gulabi Bagh Gateway and Dai Anga’s Tomb. Continue reading

Second Best Shawarma Of Lahore

Kim's Shawarma Samnabad LahoreIt is possible that some people state Kim’s Shawarma as number one but in my ranking it comes after Cock ‘n Bull. For those who live in Samnabad, Kim’s Shawarma will be there best choice. One of my relative is very impress with Kim’s Shawarma and says that it is the best one of Lahore, so he always look for a chance to take me there. So one day it happens and he took me to Kim’s Shawarma and give me a Shawarma treat.

There are three sizes of this Kim’s Shawarma; small, medium and large. He suggest to not to go with large one because Continue reading